Full Service Association Management

Administrative and Management Support
  • Initial Set-Up
  • Monthly/Quarterly Board Meetings
  • Annual Meetings and Organizational Meetings
  • Special Meetings
  • Property Inspections
  • Maintenance of Property
  • Emergency Service
  • Bids and Quotations
  • Monthly/Quarterly Management Reports
  • Homeowners Communication
  • Correspondence
  • Homeowner/Resident Mailings

Bookkeeping Services
  • Monthly Reports
    • Detailed Management Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Statement
    • Budget Performance
    • Collection Report
    • Check Book register
    • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Collections
  • Bank Accounts
  • Account Signatures
  • Check Writing
  • Deposits
  • Disbursements
  • Emergency Disbursements
  • Assist in Audit/Income Tax Preparation
  • Budget Preparation
  • Reserve Accounts
  • Advancement of Funds

Record Retention
  • Records Retained
  • Owners Right to Inspect Records
  • Copying Cost
  • Membership List/Transfer of Ownership

Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Make maximum use of automation and electronic means to perform bookkeeping functions to include electronic bill payments, automatic payment of assessments (ACH), online payment capability, etc.
  • Utilize professional commercial bookkeeping software for record keeping.
  • Prepare, review and distribute to the Board of Directors via email the monthly reports summarizing that period’s income and expenses as itemized in the Budget.
  • Maintain the Association’s records in a manner that will assist in preparation of an Annual Audit and appropriate tax returns.
  • Process payment of all of the Association’s bills in HOA Managements Knoxville Office.

  • Assist the Board of Directors in creating the Association’s Annual Operating Budget based on past history and all known projected expenditures.
  • Assist in the calculation of reserve allocation for future needs
  • Prepare an annual letter to all homeowners reflecting the adopted Budget.
  • Advise the Board during the year regarding the Association’s performance pertaining to the Budget plans and make recommendations for corrective action.

  • Collect monthly/quarterly/annual assessments and any special assessments from each owner
  • All owner assessments collected through electronic means including automatic bank withdrawal/payment via ACH or online payments through the Association’s web page by electronic check or credit card
  • Assist Board of Directors in creating policy for late payment penalties, collection procedures, and ultimately determine necessary liens and foreclosures.
  • Perform late assessment policy and if need be, turn over all lien and foreclosure matters to Association’s legal council for final collection

Specialized Services

We offer many specialized services for your HOA, should you take advantage of our knowledge and experience.  Below are some of the more specialized services we offer:

  • Reserve Account Studies
  • Roof Reserve Studies
  • Record Retention
    • 2 years of records on site
    • Storage of Association records from prior to two years for Board convenience
  • Newsletters
  • Diversified Management Forms
  • Production and delivery of New Owner Packets
  • Efficient Collection Methods
  • Diligent Deed Restrictions and Architectural Oversight
  • Violation Administration
  • Long Range Planning
  • Small Claims Court Actions
  • Use of Attorney


In addition to an award-winning service, we provide a Maintenance Director with 3 fully stocked trucks. Any maintenance issues that arise are either handled by one of our experienced professionals or a licensed and bonded service professional. Our Maintenance Director, he inspects the requested repair and determines if we can make the repair. If it requires contacting one of our competent approved contractors, he contacts the appropriate contractor and issues the work order. If the repair exceeds our approved limit and requires bids, he makes arrangements to obtain bids required for Board approval. With 24-Hour a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year emergency service, you can rest easy knowing we are here for you when you need us most.

  • Employ and/or supervise the Association’s common area maintenance and cleaning staff. Schedule and review maintenance work related to the buildings and grounds. Review contracts and services provided to the Association.
  • Ensure that all the property and common areas of the Association are properly maintained, in good working order, cleaned, and free of trash and debris.
  • Create, perform or have maintenance staff perform detailed periodic inspections of all areas. Report any major discrepancy to the Board with recommendations to solve the issue.
  • Ensure maintenance staff or contactors perform proper periodic and preventive maintenance in accordance with manufacturer guidelines or generally accepted practices to increase useful life and retain any warranties.
  • Assist in the supervision and coordination of construction and/or renovation of common areas as directed by the Board.

Steadfast Maintenance and Capital Expenditures
  • Assist in determining long term maintenance and capital expenditure needs requiring replacement/reserve funds.
  • Create long term maintenance and replacement plan.
  • For complex facilities, work with engineering firms to establish maintenance plans, replacement and reserve schedules

Association Web Site and Owner Communications
  • Create and manage Association’s web page that includes online documents, membership and property information, owner communication tools, notices and minutes, and online payment capability.  The web page and emails are the primary methods of communication. Owners have access to our Online Services.
  • Assist in the preparation of notices, bulletins, newsletters, and other general correspondence directed to all homeowners when required.

Board of Directors and Membership Meetings
  • Arrange for meeting times, when needed, and prepare, post and/or mail notices and agendas for all scheduled meetings.
  • Prepare election notices, ballots, proxies and other related requirements for annual or special meetings of the membership.
  • Attend meetings and assist Board President in conducting the meeting in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. Take Minutes in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.  Post Minutes on Association’s web page and maintain copy for record.

Record Keeping
  • Maintain the Association’s Corporate Book, membership rosters, all financial record books, accounts and other records required to be kept by the Association.  
  • Act as a liaison with Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Closing Agents and Legal Representatives to provide necessary information for Real Estate transactions. 
  • Maintain all individual records in accordance with Privacy Act standards
  • Governing Document and Regulatory Compliance
  • Strictly follow and take actions to comply with laws, statutes, and ordinances or rules of pertinent government authorities.
  • Adhere to the Associations Master Deed Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Regulations and neighborhoods Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.
  • Help educate the Board and Owners on these documents.
  • Assist the Board and/or appointed committees in the enforcement of the Association’s governing documents and rules and regulations.
  • Work with the Association’s legal counsel for document and/or statute interpretation, amendment to documents and, or other legal matters.
  • Ensure association meets all licensing, permitting and inspection requirements to include but not limited to balconies, public pools and spas, elevators, and annual corporate report.

Personnel Management
  • Manage all personnel hired by the association involved with association management or maintenance related functions.
  • Ensure individuals hold proper licensing if required and are trained, equipped, and organized to perform assigned functions.
  • Safety of all employees is of importance and all regulatory and risk management guidelines will be strictly enforced.

  • Assist Board in obtaining property, liability, D&O, fidelity bond, and workman’s compensation insurance through reputable agency.
  • Reduce exposure through risk management, eliminating or mitigating hazards, regulatory compliance, and properly maintain common elements.
  • In case of emergencies, take all necessary steps to mitigate further damages to common property.
  • Assist appraisers, adjusters, and contactors in post disaster cleanup and possible re-construction.

Contract Management
  • Oversee all contracts, sub-contacts, and contractor personnel to ensure compliance with scope of work and agreed upon performance.
  • Contractors must be licensed, bonded, and insured for work performed.
  • Ensure contactor and personnel adhere to all regulatory guidelines and maintain proper safety, security, and respect for association property.
  • Assist Board of Directors in creating a statement of work for a particular need and in the preparation of request for proposal to obtain bids.
  • Negotiate with potential contractors and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on acceptance.